5 Tips For Small Business Online Marketing

Online marketing levels the playing field. Neither a social media nor a web presence is particularly expensive, and therefore both large and small businesses can equally afford online marketing. The key to small business online marketing, however, is to understand a few basic points.

1. Keep it neutral

In most cases, social media is not somewhere to make a political or strong social statement. You are online to promote your business, not your socio-political viewpoint. Keep your small business online marketing choices neutral to appeal to the widest audience you can. 

2. You can't make something go viral

Many small business owners assume that they can hire small business online marketing services and automatically have a post go viral. Going viral is not something you can order up. It is never guaranteed. Creating interesting, amusing, or even shocking content on a regular basis increases your chances of going viral, however.  

3. Be consistent

Posting to social media, writing blog posts, and creating online marketing content on a consistent basis are all key to a successful small business online marketing campaign. Marketing experts state that it takes at least seven times for someone to interact with your brand online to understand who you are and what you offer. Posting haphazardly every few weeks does not create the consistency that is needed to be successful. Posting on a regular and consistent schedule, day in and day out, will get your results. 

4. Think about branding

Branding can mean many things, from your logo and business slogan to your colors and even the 'voice' that your marketing messages use. Your branding should be both prominent and consistent across all social media channels, your website, and your online marketing. This means that, among other things, each of your social channels should feature the same image, colors, and tagline.

5. Remember the 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 Rule simply suggests that 80 percent of what you post online should be about other people and 20 percent about yourself. While those percentages are shifting over time, the concept remains the same. You do not want to be the person at the party that talks exclusively about themselves; rather, your goal is to share funny stories and helpful tips while also casually mentioning what you do.  

Small business online marketing is about making your business appear friendly, approachable, trustworthy, and recognizable. Teaming up with an experienced small business online marketing services company can help.