4 Ways Live Trade Show Demos Attract New Customers

To really excel in the business world, you must get your company out there and gain interest in your products. Trade shows give you an amazing venue to use for capturing the attention of your target consumer. You really have to compete for your customer's attention to drum up interest and make some sales. Otherwise, consumers are likely to move onto the next product, which could be from your competitor. Consider the power of live demos to show off your product in a successful way. Here are the benefits of adding a live demo to your trade show appearance.

Engage Curiosity

You can only narrow down your target demographic so much by picking a trade show with the appropriate theme. From there, it's just a numbers game. Meaning, you'll want to attract as many of the attendees to your table as possible.

With rows and rows of products in booths, the best way to attract people your way is with movement and sound. A live demo provides both of these elements to ramp up attendees' natural curiosity. To start, use a short, punchy script that quickly describes your product and its uses to encourage viewers to stick around for the demo and list of benefits.

Show Off Features

Detail the main features of your product in an engaging way to help viewers understand how the product will benefit them. Attendees want to see your product in action to understand how it works and ease of use.

Make sure you point out how well your product completes the intended action. Do not be afraid to compare your products to long-standing competitors. List the ways you improved on an old design or found a way to complete a task using a different approach. Allow attendees to try out the product on their own, if possible, to show others the intuitive design and amazing functions.

Offer Solutions

Follow up your demonstration by encouraging viewers to imagine how the product will improve their life. For example, good products often reduce time and effort for the user. In addition, amazingly designed products might make the task more fun or less stressful.

Come up with problems your intended users might be trying to solve with your products. Detail those issues in an engaging manner to help viewers almost feel the frustration of doing that task in a normal manner. Then, bring up how your product eliminates those difficulties and makes the task a joy to complete. Helping your audience imagine themselves buying and using your product is a surefire way to make some sales after the demo.  

Setting Up Your Display Booth

When applying for a spot at the trade show, try to pick a booth location in a high traffic area. These spots usually go for a bit more since organizers know you'll have a better chance at attracting an audience there. Alternatively, you can try to pick a spot in a corner to have more room for a large audience during your live product demonstrations.

Organize your booth in a way that encourages customers to take their time while browsing around. Make sure you can hold your demonstration without disrupting the layout of your products. If attendees visit your booth more than once, they may make a beeline straight toward their product of choice. Moving the items around too much confuses buyers and may even discourage them from making a purchase.

If your product design allows it, consider leaving a few demo items out on the table for attendees to try on their own. Be ready to give a brief description of the product as users are trying the functions and features out. You can also create some flyers that explain how to operate the product and detail its benefits. 

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