How To Use Scent Branding In Your Marketing Efforts

You need to use a variety of marketing tactics to make your business successful. It has to compete with other stores in your area, it has to draw in new customers, and it has to retain old ones. While you probably use print and digital forms of advertising, you may be new to the world of scent branding. Scent branding can actually be very powerful since it connects with the emotions of your customers through the sense of smell. Here are a few things to know.

Decide On The Goal

The first thing you need to decide is what you want to achieve with scent branding. Different scents evoke different responses. Some trigger hunger, others enhance relaxation, some may actually cause people to spend more in your store, and some bring up memories of home and family. When you know the response you want, you're ready to seek a fragrance to use in your branding.

Choose A Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance can be challenging. To get the best results, you'll want to work with a scent branding company with a good understanding of the science behind this type of marketing. Scents and their emotional reactions have been studied for many years so there is plenty of data to help guide you in making the right choice. For instance, a single fragrance may get better results than a complex blend of fragrances. When it comes to branding and marketing, you have some unique considerations also. You want a scent people will automatically identify with your store, so it should be somewhat unique. You don't want a scent shoppers will encounter all over the mall. On the other hand, a scent that is too unique may not evoke any fond memories or warm feelings if it isn't recognizable.

Consider The Placement

To disperse the fragrance in your store, you'll need to have diffusers installed. You may want them at the entrance so the strongest scent is encountered as people enter and leave your store if your main interest is branding. If you choose a scent to increase spending in your store, then you want the fragrance to waft through the entire space. However, you also want to take people with allergies into consideration. A certain percentage of people are bothered by scents. If the fragrance is too strong or if it permeates the entire store, you might lose a few shoppers who prefer to avoid artificial scents.

Scent branding is a powerful form of advertising when it is done correctly. Your business will come to mind when your customers encounter the scent in their daily lives. If you have a chain of stores, customers will be greeted by the familiar fragrance when they enter any of your stores, so they'll feel comfortable shopping there even if it's in a new city. Although it's effective, it's also tricky to implement on your own. You need a marketing company to help you choose the best scent that matches your type of business and goals, and then create the fragrance and install it.

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