Planning A Big Event? How To Make The Most Of Your Targeted Marketing

If you're planning an event, and you want it to be one that people won't soon forget, you need to get busy with the marketing. You've got to create your own GEO moment. You can do that when you take the right steps to promote your event. After all, people won't attend your event if you don't generate enough excitement around it. Here are some steps you can take to create your own GEO moment for your next big event.

Don't Get Singled Out

When it comes to promoting an event, many people get stuck on one facet of the promotion. Unfortunately, that's a good way to get singled out, which means you've locked yourself into one specific form of advertising. To make sure you do get singled out, you've got to branch out to all forms of media, including social media pages. As soon as your event goes active, start generating excitement for it on all the social media pages. You've also got to head over to your own website and make sure it's ready to pull people in. If it's not, get your marketing department busy on the upgrades.

Create the Perfect Hashtag

Speaking of social media, if you're going to generate enough excitement for your event, you've got to create the perfect hashtag. Information travels across social media pages much faster if it's connected with the right hashtag. Once you've got your hashtag traveling across the internet universe, you'll be generating your own GEO moment in no time at all.

Appeal to the Non-Social Media Minded

Once you've got your social media angle covered, you'll need to appeal to your non-social media minded audience. Those are the people who would be interested in your event but who don't spend any quality time on social media pages. For that audience, you'll need to resort to old-fashioned forms of advertising, such as print ads and signage. There's a lot to be said for a well-placed roadside sign during stop and go traffic.

Don't Stop Advertising Just Because the Event Ended

One of the problems that a lot of promoters make is that they stop the advertising once the event is over. That's the last thing you want to do. To make sure your event is truly successful, and to generate excitement for the next event, you've got to continue the advertising long after the event is over. You can do that through pictures, videos and mailers. Posting videos and pictures of the attendees enjoying themselves will help you continue the success.