The Role of the Newsletter in Business: Should You Have One? And How Do You Do It?

Some businesses, especially smaller businesses, opt to create a company newsletter. The newsletter is meant to inform both employees and customers of what is happening with the business, usually on a month-by-month basis. As an accounting firm, you might be considering publishing such a newsletter every month. The question rides on whether or not the newsletter could benefit your company. You also have to consider how you intend to go about writing the newsletter, and what you should include in it. To help sort this out, the following advice is offered for your perusal.

Good Marketing Opportunity

A monthly newsletter is a good marketing opportunity. It keeps you in touch with your past and existing customers when you either mail a hard copy or email a digital copy. It reminds customers that your firm is still there for them. You can also alert customers to special offers on services, alert them to changes in company policy and services, and celebrate employee milestones. It puts a very positive spin on your firm and promotes everything your company stands for and does.

Writing the Newsletter

This is the biggest issue most companies have when they decide that they want to write a monthly (or weekly) newsletter. Just getting it written is an obstacle because not many of any one company's employees can dedicate their time and effort to creating, writing, and publishing the newsletter. As such, it goes unfinished, or worse, never started. If you are determined to have a company newsletter for your accounting firm, find and use the services offered by an accounting firm email newsletter platform provider, which can (at the very least) publish a digital newsletter to send to employees and customers for you.

What to Include in Your Newsletter

Whether someone at the firm does all of the writing, or you outsource the company newsletter to be written by another business, you need to have content people want to read. Consider including noteworthy changes in the tax system, new tax vocabulary, special interest stories involving customers who got bigger refunds when your accountants took a second look at the tax forms those customers had filed, and so on. You may even want to include coupons for discounts on services, or a monthly contest for some small promotional gift. Perhaps you want to designate a certain day as "customer appreciation day" and offer giveaways on that day for customers who stop by. Brainstorm ahead of your first newsletter to decide what looks best and most professional in terms of content.