Considerations When Packaging Your Cannabis Product

Cannabis and marijuana products are becoming more common across the country as more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. The packaging of these products requires some thought, and there are some things to consider if you are selling cannabis products in your dispensary.

Selling Cannabis

In every state that has made cannabis and marijuana legal, the regulation of the sales requires that it be sold through a licensed dispensary. If you are operating a dispensary, you may have products that you offer, but you might need to package them for your customers better. Many of the products that the dispensary offers are likely in a package, but if you are selling loose marijuana, how you dispense it to your customer might be important. 

Special Concerns

For some people, using medicinal marijuana is not something that they talk about. They may want to keep it between you, them, and the doctor that prescribed it. 

Discreet Packaging

Offer packaging that is very plain and discreet for customers to take their purchase home in might be something you want to offer. Something as simple as a plain brown bag that has no logo or markings on it may be all you need. 

Odor Containment

Some people may also want to take their purchase home in something that blocks the odor of marijuana. If you place the purchase in a plastic bag, seal it, and then put the plastic bag inside the plain brown bag, your customer can take the cannabis home without feeling self-conscious. 

Protecting the Product

Depending on the type of cannabis product you are packaging, you may want to think about protecting it from damage. A marijuana cigarette needs to be in a box or package that will keep it from getting broken or crushed. Cannabis oil products that are bottled in glass containers may also require a box of some kind to protect them until your customer gets their purchase home. Whatever the product, like any product sold anywhere, it is essential that the customer gets what they paid for if you want to keep them coming back. 

Marketing Designs

You may also want to consider working with a company that provides marijuana packaging design services if you are looking for something to promote or catch the attention of people when they see it. The packaging can have your company name on it, the name of the product, or whatever else you feel is going to promote the product best. A good marketer will have some ideas that could make your brand stand out and help you grow your company.