Is Addressable Advertising Right For Your Business?

There is no shortage of buzzwords in the advertising space. If you are looking for a new, scalable method of reaching your customers, it can be overwhelming to sort through the sheer volume of new technologies and ideas. Although it has become a hot topic within the marketing community in recent years, addressable marketing is not actually a new concept. In fact, addressable marketing has been attempted in a number of forms over the years.

Understanding the Concept of Addressability

While addressable marketing isn't a difficult idea to understand, it's first important to understand the basic idea of addressability. An addressable audience is the group of people that you are able to reach with your advertising. Unfortunately, it's not possible to see the entire viewership of a piece of media as the addressable audience. When advertising to website visitors, for example, the addressable audience does not include those visitors who make use of ad blockers. Likewise, the portion of a television show's audience that time-shifts and skips ads is generally non-addressable.

Making the most efficient use of your marketing dollars means reaching your addressable audience while spending little or no time and effort on non-addressable audiences.

Where Does Addressable Advertising Come in?

Addressable advertising is a form of personalized, highly targeted advertising that aims to reach specific, addressable audiences. Targeted internet ads are a form of addressable advertising, but the term is most commonly used to refer to addressable television advertising. In this context, it is a specific technology that allows you to direct personalized ads at specific audience groups that may all be viewing the same content. Addressable advertising in this form is a direct response to the difficulty inherent in reaching time-shifting audiences. It seeks to take this disadvantage and instead turn it into a unique new way to reach customers.

The Advantages of Addressable Advertising

Ultimately, the largest advantage of an addressable marketing campaign is that it allows you to minimize inefficiencies in your marketing budget. Not all campaigns are suitable for all audiences, and wasting advertising budget by targeting non-receptive (or non-addressable) audiences prevents you from putting those dollars to better use elsewhere. With addressable marketing, you can instead create smaller campaigns that will reach only the audiences most likely to receive them well.

By making use of addressable marketing, you are greatly reducing waste in your advertising budget. While it is impossible to target ads so directly that a conversion is made for every view, addressable advertising allows you to greatly increase the odds that any given dollar spent will find its way to a receptive target. Additionally, addressable platforms allow you to receive detailed metrics on the results of your ad spending, allowing you to refine your campaigns and further reduce your wasted spending.

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