Scent Marketing Basics For Small Business Owners

Your sense of smell is uniquely tied to your emotions and memories. Many brands capitalize on this by using scent marketing in their facilities by adding scent diffusers to the climate control system. Think about the last time you went into a local coffee shop. You probably smelled the coffee strongly, but likely didn't smell any of the other items that they offer, such as the pastries. This is a deliberate marketing technique to make you connect the smell of coffee in general with that particular brand. Here are a few things you should know about scent marketing.

Choose A Scent That Pairs Well

As a business owner, it's tempting to choose a scent that you like for your building. After all, if you have to smell it all day, it should be something you enjoy, right? The fact is that the scent that you choose needs to actually pair with your business environment and the products that you offer.

A musky scent isn't going to encourage female shoppers to linger around women's clothing or accessories, and a flowery scent isn't going to be attractive to men looking at hunting gear. Consider the environment and your target demographic to choose a scent that's going to pair well with the atmosphere and your clientele.

Use The Seasons To Your Advantage

Seasonal scent marketing is another great way to attract customers and increase sales. For example, a subtle cinnamon or peppermint scent paired with Christmas music may help to encourage shoppers to spend more time in your store and buy more because it triggers them to think about the holidays.

Since the sense of smell is so closely tied to emotional responses and memories, using seasonal scents helps your customers to remember the excitement and magic of the holidays, which will boost their moods and possibly lead to increased sales.

Subtle Is Best

When you finally settle on the scent that you want to use in your building, avoid making it overpowering. A subtle hint of the scent is enough to entice customers and encourage them to spend more time in your business. An overpowering scent can easily be off-putting to your customers and inadvertently drive them away. Look for a scent diffuser that will distribute low amounts of the scent through your building.

Talk with a scent marketing specialist today about integrating a scent diffuser into your building's climate control so that you can make the most of your company's commercial air duct scent marketing campaign.